When working on an interior design scheme, there’re an array of major decisions to be considered in the process of making a house a home. Everything from planning out the layout of the room, to picking the right lighting and wall paint color. With all the taxing decision making, hardware is often a detail that can easily become an afterthought — yet capable of extreme ‘wow’ factor.

Selecting the right knobs and pulls can make a serious visual impact and elevate a brand-new kitchen, a bathroom remodel, or transform existing bedroom cabinets with ease. This simply indicates how a well-made piece of hardware is a necessary detail that’s well worth the investment.

Knobs or pulls? That’s the big question. Below we take a look at when and why to choose knobs or pulls for your home.


Knobs for doors and pulls for drawers

Aside from beauty, how functional something is can play a leading role when choosing hardware. Although there aren’t any rules set in stone, one preference is to use pulls for all cabinet drawers and knobs for all doors.

Pulls are much more practical, and, of course, comfortable when opening drawers as they accommodate the entire hand to grab instead of only your fingertips. This is especially convenient if drawer space is dedicated for very heavy pots, pans, dishes, etc.

Consider your existing design style

When choosing hardware for your cabinets, it’s important that you take the time to think about your existing décor style and what overall vibe you’re trying to accomplish. Take into consideration the room’s lighting fixture, cabinet, sink and faucet style, and any other design element so as not to disturb the cohesiveness of the interior space.

The use of knobs is a fad apparent in traditional, classic and country kitchen settings, often in copper, brass or satin nickel finish. Similarly, they are also a better choice for more lavish or finely detailed cabinets. Simple and uncomplicated, they do not take attention away from the magnificence of the cabinet design.

Pulls, on the other hand, come in a range of sizes and finishes — and they’re a better fit if you desire to add modern charm to your space. They complement skinny mosaic or subway tiles, sleek cabinet doors and drawers, as well as modern pendant lighting better.

Looking for a minimalist finish with vintage flair? Cup pulls are a fantastic option. Thanks to their low-profile beauty and ergonomic design, they have the ability to adapt to a variety of cabinet styles. And if you’re looking to add graceful and delicate sophistication, crystal or glass knobs are a fitting choice.

Consider lifestyle and everyday needs

Cabinet hardware should accentuate the design of your overall space, but they should also feel comfortable. No matter how stunning they may look, everyday use of non-functional hardware can be frustrating.

Pulls, particularly super wide ones, provide a solid grip and are comfortable enough to fit four fingers with ease. From a handling standpoint, they’re an ideal pick if you have elderly people staying with you, as they are better equipped to grab the handle with their whole hand instead of just fingertips.

Mix and match pulls and knobs

When selecting the perfect hardware for your interior space, don’t feel like you need to be defined by a style bucket. When and why to choose either for your home isn’t a set rule, rather a preference. 

There is a distinctive flow that can be achieved by mixing and matching knobs and pulls. Combining the two is a great way to go bold, and it gives you the opportunity to put your signature on the overall look of your space.

March 10, 2021 — Ny hardware